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Dental Clinic

By all this, the system Carrire LX is most recent, most advanced and simplest of brackets autoligables appeared in the world of the apparatuses of ortodoncia for children and adults. The DENTAL CLINIC DR. CARLOS I SLIDE, from its beginnings it has been distinguished for being a pioneering center in the implementation and new techniques […]


Reabel method, beauty with medical base of the Dr. Muddy Mariela The aging is the set of morphologic and physiological modifications that are as a result of the action of the time. The passage of the years leaves its track in all the beings, animated or no. In the case of the alive beings this […]

Contact Lenses. General Provisions .

Contact lenses can be divided into hard and soft. Rigid lenses are used when necessary to achieve the maximum visual acuity in the dark or in individual cases, when you need a special approach to vision correction (High degree of astigmatism, the irregular shape of the cornea, etc.). They are stronger than soft and less […]

Noni Juice

For many millennia in Polynesia, Noni fruit drink forest used as a useful household products. Spread over the entire group of islands 'Queen Plant', as they call this plant the locals, is associated with wealth of stories about the beautiful fruit of the size of a potato, are inseparable and integral part of Polynesian culture. […]

Isometric Exercises

The meaning of isometric exercises is that they run even though the muscles and tense, but their length does not change and there is no motion in joints. Performing non-weight bearing exercises (ie without dumbbells, Expander, weights, and other Sports equipment), you must consciously exert appropriate muscles, mimicking the overcoming of resistance. On decreasing muscle […]


You just spend all their forces, and still awaits frustration – you can not succeed. You can not win the struggle against existence. Official site: Somatic Experiencing. That's why you all are losers. Ask all of your successful people – they're all losers, deep down inside they missed. Your Napoleons, your Hitler, your Rothschilds, ask […]

Sean Daniel

Where do you get it? Only in the colostrum! " – Sean Daniel says of the magazine for bodybuilders 'Iron Man'. People who exercise regularly, talk about the amazing growth of their achievements after they began taking colostrum. They began to lift a great weight and add more quickly than it did before. Recovered more […]

Shock Heatstroke

When the patient is introduced into the heated, indoors, supercooled parts of the body, usually an arm or leg, you need to insulate against heat, imposing on them insulating bandage (cotton-gauze, wool, etc.). It is very important to ensure the immobility of supercooled fingers and toes, as their vessels are very fragile and therefore may […]


Specifically designed for the treatment of cardiovascular – Cardiovascular diseases: program devices deta Heart. Regulation "," Circulation. Regulation "," Hypertension, DiDENS – Cardio, the program "Hypertension" in the device mellon, Onega. Clinical trials Kardiofon. Respiratory diseases (bronchial asthma, pneumonia, prolonged pneumonia, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis) – devices Phtisio – Biofon, teplon, Vitafon, Gomeoton. Magnetic therapy devices […]


Chickenpox is considered benign, "child" disease, but in some cases may develop complications, sometimes very heavy. In Ukraine, the chicken pox in second place after sars to spread, and each fifth child gets complications. Recently, in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities observed seasonal increase in the incidence of this infection. Chickenpox is caused by a […]