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Diabetes Insulin

Insufficient amount of insulin in the pancreas leads to endocrine disease – diabetes. Significant signs of diabetes may be weakness, dry mouth, mucous membranes and skin, therefore, constant thirst, frequent urination, loss or weight gain. People with diabetes may have impaired blood circulation in the lower extremities, and this can lead to gangrene. There is […]

Quit Drinking

Tried to quit drinking, probably everyone who saw in an excessive fondness for alcohol. At first it seems that to stop drinking, there is nothing difficult, and it can be done at any time. In the future, increasing number of futile attempts to stop drinking comes despair. No recipes of traditional medicine, no allowances for […]

Contact Lenses. General Provisions .

Contact lenses can be divided into hard and soft. Rigid lenses are used when necessary to achieve the maximum visual acuity in the dark or in individual cases, when you need a special approach to vision correction (High degree of astigmatism, the irregular shape of the cornea, etc.). They are stronger than soft and less […]

Noni Juice

For many millennia in Polynesia, Noni fruit drink forest used as a useful household products. Spread over the entire group of islands 'Queen Plant', as they call this plant the locals, is associated with wealth of stories about the beautiful fruit of the size of a potato, are inseparable and integral part of Polynesian culture. […]

Sean Daniel

Where do you get it? Only in the colostrum! " – Sean Daniel says of the magazine for bodybuilders 'Iron Man'. People who exercise regularly, talk about the amazing growth of their achievements after they began taking colostrum. They began to lift a great weight and add more quickly than it did before. Recovered more […]


Specifically designed for the treatment of cardiovascular – Cardiovascular diseases: program devices deta Heart. Regulation "," Circulation. Regulation "," Hypertension, DiDENS – Cardio, the program "Hypertension" in the device mellon, Onega. Clinical trials Kardiofon. Respiratory diseases (bronchial asthma, pneumonia, prolonged pneumonia, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis) – devices Phtisio – Biofon, teplon, Vitafon, Gomeoton. Magnetic therapy devices […]

Serpentine Treatment

– The past, future What are your thoughts? – I compare the past with the butterflies to maneuver among the cars on the Serpentine. If you do not abandon the past, you can be shot down "Diesel Addiction." I do not want to be in his past. It must have already left. And the future […]

Erika Sensitive

Highly sensitive and normal sensitive, perceive the world with different sensations. At Hochsensiblen, they are downright overwhelming. Possible physical aspects of Hochsensible are people sensitive to smoke, dust, draught and chemicals. Her smell and taste is up to a thousand times finer. You react more on alcohol, drugs and stimulants such as coffee and prone […]

The Esophagus

There is also a nocturnal regurgitation of food in a dream: in your mouth numb food, while it can get into the airways, in connection with which there are signs of 'nocturnal cough', 'wet bag', 'night vomiting', etc. The third sign of the frequency achalasia cardia – pain that appear when swallowing or eating out. […]

Sharp Health Tip

Various research has shown the antioxidant, hypotensive and blood sugar-regulating effects of ‘capsaicin’. Chili & co. have already gained a King’s role in the European cuisine. Who loves the taste, can count on additional health benefits. The sharp spices act not only antibacterial; They also stimulate digestion and metabolism and have a regulating effect on […]