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For Berger the Biossocial development all includes the growth and the changes that occur in the body of the person, beyond the factors genetic, nutricionais and of health that it the growth and changes afectam in. Being also constituent of this domain the motor abilities that say respect to a phase of it drink tie […]

Ritalina Medicine

The author approaches thematic of the indiscriminate use of the Ritalina medicine in children and the adolescents who are diagnosised with DDA/H, from the stories of the family who brings as complaint behaviors of carelessness and inquietude inside of the classroom. It raises questioning on the real necessity of this legalized drug and on the […]


It turned out that everyday life brings to us a little of positive emotions. It's true – the daily routine to no good does not. With each passing day sinking mood, or just hanging out at the level of 'normal'. With this approach, the person quickly becomes dull mediocrity. And you want to live, enjoy, […]


Child likes child, and if its son does not have friends or is isolated in some infantile parties, attention because something can be happening with the interpersonal relationships of this child, and this needs to be investigated by the family, a time that this isolation can generate suffering. How is explained the child to create […]

Police Cases

The objective of this visit was to know the institution, to know as it functions and which are the etria band of age of the public that goes there to give its complaint. Also to know the types of more common complaints in the police station. Soon when we arrive in the police station we […]

Institutional Psychology

The group had duration of sixteen meeting, the participants had commented that the group will go to make lack, with this was lassoed the idea of the participants if to organize to give continuity to the group, since it has this space and time yielded for the company. They had revealed glad, had disclosed that […]

The Psychological

In accordance with DAY et all (2003), many times the psychological sequels of the abuse are more serious than the physical effect, what also apud is observed by HEISE (. GIFFIN, 1994), for who the emotional and psychological abuse can so be danificante how much the physical abuse, being many times considered worse, in the […]


Enormous amount of energy spent on it to prevent fakady created from destruction. Although the rejection of their own vulnerability may have been adapted in order that he may perform the work that men have to perform in our society, it the rejection of vulnerability is keeping them in isolation. In order to move forward […]

Positive Energy

Not every person can directly reply to a question about whether he believes in the magic powers of healers. However, the reality is that almost any of us at least once in your life, even if just mentally, pinned their hopes on some supernatural force. After all, no wonder most people who find themselves in […]