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Erika Sensitive

Highly sensitive and normal sensitive, perceive the world with different sensations. At Hochsensiblen, they are downright overwhelming. Possible physical aspects of Hochsensible are people sensitive to smoke, dust, draught and chemicals. Her smell and taste is up to a thousand times finer. You react more on alcohol, drugs and stimulants such as coffee and prone […]

Sharp Health Tip

Various research has shown the antioxidant, hypotensive and blood sugar-regulating effects of ‘capsaicin’. Chili & co. have already gained a King’s role in the European cuisine. Who loves the taste, can count on additional health benefits. The sharp spices act not only antibacterial; They also stimulate digestion and metabolism and have a regulating effect on […]

Professional Tooth Cleaning

The dental practice of Brigitte Huebert informed so that the teeth remain healthy in old age, is a thorough home dental care of the utmost importance. Lack of effective dental instruments it is hitting however limits, when it comes to clean between teeth and gum pockets. The professional teeth cleaning remedy here. As it runs, […]