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Pedagogical University

In Pyatigorsk, vl About living and working for 30 years. During the 10 – worked in the surgical hospital. Has been certified to the highest qualification category in surgery and urology. In adulthood, 55 years old, still full of Surgery is almost no! Time is flying relentlessly fast, and you need to concentrate on the […]


As well as the necessary love of the affection and the affection to provide happy and inesquecveis moments, as well as the necessary land of rain to give bread to the semeador, as well as the flowers they need to be watered to unclasp and to exhale its perfume for air, as well as Christ […]

Prevention Of Periodontal Disease

Everyone knows that all diseases of teeth and gums, usually caused by bacteria, and therefore must abide by the basic rule of prevention – a good oral hygiene. Here means not only brushing Brush 2 times a day, and flossing or floss for a thorough cleaning between the teeth. In addition, after each meal, you […]


Endometriosis Endometriosis (not to be confused with endometritis – inflammation of the lining of the uterus) – a condition in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus – the endometrium, is found outside its usual location and functions like a normal endometrium. In the days of menstruation, for example, it highlights the blood […]

History of the Urals

History of the Urals unusually rich in events, myths and legends. One of them is probably the most beautiful – the legend of the narrow street. This remarkable place is located near the Nyrob. Just before him a few kilometers should collapse right (just before the river Lyunvoy) and drive about three miles on a […]

Cake Baby

Preparing for a baby shower party can be a tedious task. It is necessary to define the list of invitees. It is necessary to conceptualize the issue, print and send invitations, and then prepare for the same date special. To the feast, it is thought in the decorations for use in the workplace, what will […]

Nestle Kit Kat Nutrition

If your diet lacks the necessary vitamins, your health can suffer. Nutrition is very important because the lack of nutrients necessary may allow the threat of viruses and diseases which can lead to sickness and even death. It is located in the center of two extremes: having good health and malnutrition. In the middle is […]