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Emergency Situations

In Emergency highly professional doctors, great drivers and superkinologi. It is clear that the profession of a rescuer – a huge responsibility. You should be able to make decisions that affect the fate of many people and be responsible for their actions. Rescuers – a lifestyle, a way of thinking, way of existence, is – […]

Rhodesian Ridgeback HUNTER

Discovered that the Ridgeback is also a born caretaker, does not bark in vain, but able to easily distinguish friend from foe. He can become an irreplaceable assistant farmer, jealously guarding the cattle, and, moreover, able to serve as a shepherd dog. In the family, he gets along perfectly with children and a strong mind […]

Guys Garden

You can only go for a walk with children from kindergarten you like. You will see how your child interacts with other children like him, do not like. See how teachers are walking and talking with the guys. When you have already signed a contract with mini-garden, ask to sit in the first day of […]


As well as the necessary love of the affection and the affection to provide happy and inesquecveis moments, as well as the necessary land of rain to give bread to the semeador, as well as the flowers they need to be watered to unclasp and to exhale its perfume for air, as well as Christ […]

Women and Hormones

Female and male reproductive systems are quite different and do not resemble each other: If a man abusing strong drinks, smokes, does not keep track of their health, indiscriminately taking drugs (such as antibiotics), eats hot dogs and Coca-Cola, working without sleep or rest, it is unlikely that he can count on healthy children and […]