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Velasco Aquatic

The concept of swimming is not most used for traditional swimming, but it is understood here as any motor action that the citizen tries intentionally to propulsionar itself through the water (FREUDENHEIM, GAMMA & CARRACEDO et al., 2003 apud LANGENDORFER, 1986). Therefore, the term swimming for babies is used in this study. The infantile aquatic […]

Essential Anatomia

Fernando Columbus the initial point is to learn and to understand the anatomy and the actions of this group of muscles and from there to progress until the complete domain of its some movements of execution. The three muscles of flexo of the elbow biggest and more important are brachii of the biceps, the brachialis […]

Prevent Muscular Injuries

Who practises physical activity of high impact can suffer to the times with muscular injuries. Research already shows that the Alimentary Supplements as the Protein helps preventing these muscular injuries. Beyond a balanced feeding it is basic that you make a suplementao in its feeding with the protein use of milk as the Whey Protein. […]

The Baby

The infection of the breast can most of the time be prevented, the nursing team will be able to guide purperas during the puerprio in what it says respect to the mastite working in the prevention of these complications through cares how much to the rigorous hygiene of the hands before the loved ones and […]

Diet Angle

Diet angle is special an alimentary plan of 16000KCAL, for people whom difficulty has to gain weight. With diet angle you who have difficulty to gain weight, will be able to get resulted fantastic and healthful. In one month of diet angle you can earn up to 5 kilos of form healthful. Diet angle must […]