Essential Anatomia

Fernando Columbus the initial point is to learn and to understand the anatomy and the actions of this group of muscles and from there to progress until the complete domain of its some movements of execution. The three muscles of flexo of the elbow biggest and more important are brachii of the biceps, the brachialis and the brachioradialis. The biceps is a muscle of two meetings, crossing in such a way the together one of the elbow how much of the shoulder. It has two distinct sections, or faces, whose primary functions are to bend the elbows and to supinar the pulses (to rotacionar the palms for top). Had the form as they are on, the two faces has different papers at different moments, dictated for the position of the arms and the actions of the specific movements of exercises.

The long face (more external) if binds in scapula (blade of the shoulder), then above of the together one of the shoulder (socket glenide). Its tendo of origin runs laterally and then for low through the capsule articulating until the ridge bicipital of humerus, or bone of the superior arm. The long face is the only structure that obtains to stabilize and to prevent the previous displacement of humerus, that it is the reason of being so frequent injured during the chest training and coasts, when the circumference of the shoulder not this stabilized. Together with its primary functions to put into motion, the long face aid in the abduo (lateral surveys) of the shoulders and depending on the position of the arm, external rotation, considered one of the most critical functions for the health and force of the circumference of the shoulder. The short face if binds to the process coracide (for inside of the long face), a sseo projection that if extends to the front of scapula, that it is also where the coracobrachialis if bind.