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The Behavior Of Quantum Particles

The quantum universe is based on the constant movement of particles and to have a base of this behavior is important for its understanding. In a small circular quantum chain the particles if put into motion in the diagonal direction with acceleration zero and one, this movement is equal always and this is its dynamics. […]

Belintane Television

Infancy still is marked by traditions as the verbal games, books and for the changes of the world contemporary where the children divide the time and space with the TV. Consequence of the occured changes in the society. Before he could see gates open and children playing in the streets with the friends, today are […]

Pedagogic Directive

Summary the exposition has debated the position of the evaluation of design institucional in the educative pedagogia of the individuals. It considers the importance of the evaluation of the planning of design institucional a directed pedagogia to collect and to catequizar individuals the education institution. It analyzes the paper of avaliativas actions of investigativo character […]

Subsidiary Platform

Alfred Marshal was first the great thinker who analyzed the importance of the MPEs in the development of one determined region. Marshal teorizou a basically intradistritais region that had as main characteristics to the superiority of small local companies, economies of scale, significant decisions of investments little taken local, transactions, flexible man power, high immigration […]

The Action

It is the incessant linking of the motricidade with the emotions, that gnese of the representations prepares that, simultaneously, precedes the construction of the action, in the measure where it means an investment, in relation to the exterior world. In the conception of Wallon, infantile he is synonymous of playful. All activity of the child […]

Dieter Rams

This analyzes It of the Thonet chair model 14, under five distinct optics, that engloba basic concepts of design, ergonomics, history of the art, graphical representation and productive process, allows a new and ample perspective on this icon of design. From these intentions, this research takes as base a bibliographical survey on design, more specifically […]