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Way Natural

Firstly, it would be useful to understand how hemorrhoids occur. Some changes in your lifestyle can help solve your problem and can even prevent that you again to produce. Hemorrhoids can be caused by intestinal problems, such as too much constipation or diarrhea too. If it strives for a digestive health, this could help to […]

Long Distance

Admit it. Long distance relationships are not easy. It’s a sacrifice. You have to be able to transcend the loneliness caused by the distance and the paranioa caused by knowing that it is so far. Once they have decided to get into it, and he decided to never leave each other despite the distance between […]

Latin America

To greet the leaders of our region, affirm them the gratitude of all Cubans for support and solidarity received, before substantial damage caused by three hurricanes that recently struck our country. Dear friends: the journey so far has been long and difficult. Gather for the first time leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean in […]

Ricardo Cerron Villanueva Villanueva

After five years long, and after being subjected to numerous surgeries in the city of Lima, Milagros Cerron Arauco, the girl known as “mermaid”, arrived yesterday at Huancayo, to know their cousins, grandparents and other relatives. ALEGRE.Accompanied by her younger sister, Maricielo (1), and his parents, Ricardo Cerron Villanueva Villanueva and Sara Arauco, small Milagros […]

Lose Weight

Many people are wondering what foods to eat to lose weight and lose body fat, but also want to be taken in hand and learn exactly how healthy and natural foods that promote the burning of fat, and thus weight loss. Of course, I can not tell you what you should eat, because I don’t […]