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The Emotional

About the curriculum holistic which is based on new principles on reality and knowledge, is a process of discernment of the interdependence of the kosmos, where diverse world generates students learn in different ways, different contents for different purposes. In the social dimension, the emotional dimension, the physical or bodily dimension and the spiritual which […]

Ramon Gallegos

This paradigm shift is giving at all levels, in all cultures and in all countries, progress has been much, because he has worked hard for a long time, we ourselves are the factor of change, even this trial is the result of a series of activities that somehow or other are sitting the fundamental basis […], The New Children

Wesel, February 2013. Since this month, fans of the Dutch children’s fashion in the new online shop for special occasions like birthdays find to attract something like weddings or Christmas. Also the own offspring must these days present but why the beautiful dresses only for special occasions? Special mode, which is chic and even […]

Ramon Gallegos

We must create learning where to include activities that are compatible with real life; that not everything is theory and the student to learn from his student days to see life as he lives, and with one evolution of consciousness: and as says the work of Gallegos: create the conditions for the existence of the […]