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Sean Daniel

Where do you get it? Only in the colostrum! " – Sean Daniel says of the magazine for bodybuilders 'Iron Man'. People who exercise regularly, talk about the amazing growth of their achievements after they began taking colostrum. They began to lift a great weight and add more quickly than it did before. Recovered more […]


Specifically designed for the treatment of cardiovascular – Cardiovascular diseases: program devices deta Heart. Regulation "," Circulation. Regulation "," Hypertension, DiDENS – Cardio, the program "Hypertension" in the device mellon, Onega. Clinical trials Kardiofon. Respiratory diseases (bronchial asthma, pneumonia, prolonged pneumonia, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis) – devices Phtisio – Biofon, teplon, Vitafon, Gomeoton. Magnetic therapy devices […]

Serpentine Treatment

– The past, future What are your thoughts? – I compare the past with the butterflies to maneuver among the cars on the Serpentine. If you do not abandon the past, you can be shot down "Diesel Addiction." I do not want to be in his past. It must have already left. And the future […]


The majority cosmetics are worse than natural cosmetics. Ready-made cosmetics contain many preservatives that destroy the cellular system skin. It is not something Dr. Mark Hyman would like to discuss. Use natural oils in skin care and sea salt. Here truly unique tool – A mask with honey and salt from the steamed skin under […]


Also nerves peripheral, as much sensorial (the ones that takes the messages until the central system nervous), how much engines (the ones that they take the message in the inverse direction), show deterioration signals. All these information were current and they had been placed only now of so explicit form for the medicine. ' ' […]

Couples Relationships

To begin to delve into the topic I would like you cuestionaras: why you are or want to be with your partner? What experience are looking for or would like to create? What are you not getting this? And, how do you feel in this regard? We will explore how we relate when it comes […]

Essential Anatomia

Fernando Columbus the initial point is to learn and to understand the anatomy and the actions of this group of muscles and from there to progress until the complete domain of its some movements of execution. The three muscles of flexo of the elbow biggest and more important are brachii of the biceps, the brachialis […]

South America

On the basis of tractors produced bulldozers Ochersky (RS-182.1), October (DZ-182 DZ-182.2) and the Ural plants (URB-170). Until recently, the attachments DZ-171.1 produced CHZK (now JSC "Chelyabinsk construction machinery). At ChTZ used diesel D-160 and D-180, packaged with a mechanical or hydraulic KP. In the second place in popularity in Russia is Cheboksary Promtractor (formerly […]

Drugs Not To Be Used During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women take drugs during pregnancy medical preescripcion. The use of other substances may also occur during pregnancy and non-prescription drugs, or EFP, alcohol, snuff and drugs depending on the circumstances whether personal, social or economic. The general recommendation based on the WHO is a clear and strict: they must not take drugs during […]