Sean Daniel

Where do you get it? Only in the colostrum! " – Sean Daniel says of the magazine for bodybuilders 'Iron Man'. People who exercise regularly, talk about the amazing growth of their achievements after they began taking colostrum. They began to lift a great weight and add more quickly than it did before. Recovered more easily After another series of faster and can do the following exercises. Felt a burst of energy, and fatigue come to them later. During the study, the Finnish Olympic ski team members are trained hard, and their level of creatine kinase * was measured every seven days.

Detection of creatine kinase in the blood indicates that the decay of muscle tissue. Therefore, when the post-workout creatine kinase levels in the blood rises, this sign of significant muscle injury and overtraining. Compared with members of the team who took a placebo * in athletes receiving colostrum, the level of creatine kinase fell by almost half to four days after intensive training. In addition, they have told us that they feel less tired and have no muscle tension, and the results are significantly improved. Colostrum also improves endurance.

It improves digestion the intestines and thus increases the effect of cocktails taken with carbohydrates and amino acids. Above all, growth factors in colostrum facilitate 'closing of' ulcers and gastritis, which reduce the level of digestion. In the final Eventually, when we take the colostrum, most of the nutrients absorbed by our food can be used during exercise as energy for muscles and cardio-vascular; th system, or help build a stronger muscles. A large number of growth factors found in colostrum, promote tissue repair, increase metabolism * body and its ability to build strong muscle, balance glucose levels in blood and brain, and even recover dna and rna .* * Uses brought by colostrum, great news for those who exercise regularly, but did not see the desired results! Maybe our bodies need these growth factors, to enable it to respond to the 'Challenges' workout? Not only can achieve only one hard and workouts – sometimes have to help yourself colostrum – Colostrum Wei! Glossary: Substance – from the Latin – the essence, what lies in the basis. Steroids – a group of biologically active substances. Anabolism – the process of mastering the body of substances coming into it from the environment in which these substances are becoming an integral part of biological structures or deposited in the body in the form of stocks. Amino acids – building blocks of protein. IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) – a substance that regulates cholesterol and blood sugar, is involved in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the body and helps to build quality muscle and recovery of dna and rna. Synthesis – the connection and / or development of active substances. Peptides – the building blocks of protein molecules. ck – is enzyme. Enzymes – substances that are present in all living cells. They accelerate the transformation (metabolism) of substances in the body. Placebo (from Latin: like me, satisfied) – this pharmacological agent on the taste and appearance form mimics some drugs. Pharmacology – the science that studies the effect of drugs and other biologically active substances on the human body. Metabolism (synonym: metabolism and energy) – is chemical reactions in the body that occur during the interaction of oxygen and nutrition. dna – deoxyribonucleic acid, a substance which is located in the cell nucleus and is a carrier of genetic information. rna – ribonucleic acid, a substance that is involved in building protein.