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Lullabies range With the advent of a child the number of beds in the home increases, usually by one. Try to give advice on how to choose this one. Older generation, surviving the times indiscriminate deficit, the problem of choosing a cot, is likely to seem far-fetched. But this is not true. The simple design […]


In the case of cervical erosion in pregnant blood from the genital tract occurs after intercourse or no apparent reason, pain is not accompanied by bleeding is minor and quickly stops spontaneously. In addition to erosion, cause of bleeding in pregnancy during the first trimester of pregnancy may be polyps, cervical and decidual polyps – […]


Instead of to require obedience, positive upbringing uses certain techniques to ensure that use of the resistance of the child to strengthen his natural will to cooperate. If you encourage will child rather than trying to break her, his willingness to cooperate increases and the resistance will be minimized. In order to overcome the resistance […]