The Benefits Of Flax

The benefits of linen clothes for people known from antiquity. It was established that in the Stone Age people were diluted flax. This is the oldest cultivated plant employs more than 7000 years of age. Just flax flourished in Mesopotamia, Assyria, in Ancient Egypt. Slavic tribes were grown flax long before the rise of Kievan Rus.

This is absolutely clean cloth is a natural antiseptic. Len suppresses harmful microflora, kills germs, bacteria and infection. A linen bandage wounds heal faster. Len excellent heat insulator. Now flax is the only material that is used in surgery for the imposition of the joints. The human body it is completely accepts no rent the fully and gradually resolves.

Linen weave linen – correct in all respects for our body, is particularly useful for children. Since ancient times, there is a tradition to take a newborn is in linen – this is a guarantee healthy babies. Linen clothes several times better at lowering the levels of radiation, reduces the gamma radiation and protects against aggressive chemical environment. In addition, in some flax the degree of quench-frequency electromagnetic waves. Care for linen fabrics and natural white (kislovannye) is admissible washed at 90 degrees. They are well maintained long laundry. Cloth with each washing becomes more soft and pleasant to the body. Dyed fabric should be washed separately from whites. When washing it is desirable to follow a similar color scheme (only the dark or light color only) Smoothly painted fabrics should be washed at temperatures not above 40 degrees. For a colorful woven linen and linen fabrics used semi dyes are more resistant to high temperatures, so that such tissue may be washed at 90 degrees.