Monthly Archives: March 2014

Exercise Tips

If you are somebody that just is beginning with the exercise and is looking for the way to do it then you have arrived at the indicated place. Nevertheless, the first place to begin is your mentality. I know realistic with your present state physical, the time that you are going to dedicate to him […]

Civil Code

The largest number of bonded transactions occur with citizens who are not recognized by the court as incapable or limited in capability, but in fact may not be aware of the committed actions. Before the court at the request of family members of the citizen, the trade union and other public organizations, public prosecutor, of […]

The Future Of DNA

We attach great importance to those who fully support organizational behavior, take into account, as is the DNA of existing organizations, especially those operating in stage turbulent, uncertain, as the Venezuelan case. In determining the DNA can diagnose problems, discover opportunities, identify weaknesses, assess the strengths and take action to help modify the behavior of […]

World Equal

Relationships that people maintain with others, is perhaps the factor that most helps to maintain harmony and peace among Nations. That is why diplomacy is the first option in the case of misunderstandings. Keep healthy and harmonious relations with all (or at least most) people, ensures an existence pacifica, thrives and full of joy and […]

Goals List

In this article, I will give you the keys to organize your tasks, set goals and define a more healthy relationship between your work, your obligations and your personal satisfaction. The key tool to define priorities and regain control over your work and your life in general, is the task list. In it, you administraras […]