World Equal

Relationships that people maintain with others, is perhaps the factor that most helps to maintain harmony and peace among Nations. That is why diplomacy is the first option in the case of misunderstandings. Keep healthy and harmonious relations with all (or at least most) people, ensures an existence pacifica, thrives and full of joy and happiness. Regardless of whether they are relations of family, their jobs or with society in general, good relations represent peace, harmony and wealth. Improve any relationship? Do you should require, scream or cry or perhaps or curse? Should be requested? There is no doubt that a sweet Word attracts and disarming others.

If you can talk, and talking resolves the issue, then talk would be the solution. But what happens when the other person does not want to talk, isn’t close to speak or is simply difficult to talk to her for any reason? If you want to improve the relationship with others, tell us Corentt, no need to talk to them, you don’t require them or ask them. You should only change your mentality. You should only change your ideas. You should only change your subconscious beliefs.

You are a being so powerful that when you change, the world changes with you. If you change it is impossible that the world stays equal. The opposite is also true, if you do not change it is impossible that the world will change. All you have to your around you have created. Your apparent enemies, as Corentt explains in his book I am happy, I am rich, are actually your best friends. But some people are so obsessed with the existence of evil, fear and hatred which force the others to treat them badly. These are those that have wrong thoughts. Others only be adapted to your requirements. If you change your thoughts, says Corentt, then the world follows you.