Goals List

In this article, I will give you the keys to organize your tasks, set goals and define a more healthy relationship between your work, your obligations and your personal satisfaction. The key tool to define priorities and regain control over your work and your life in general, is the task list. In it, you administraras not only your work, your ambition and your career for a certain period of time. My recommendation is to use the task list to organize your activities for the week in progress and the week that follows it. To prioritize your tasks, the first thing you should do is create a list of tasks present. In the present critical section, locates only the tasks you should do today. And in another section, add activities that you have to complete this week, or at the latest the next.

On another sheet, you create a new list with low priority tasks, which you denominaras in sight. With this system, you maintain always current the most immediate tasks, and everything that exceed the week next you seem less stressful, because it does not fall within the range of most urgent implementation. Analyzes each email that requires some action on your part, and add it to your ordered list of tasks, in the location that applies to you. If your desire is to dominate your work and your life, enjoying every minute you spend in activity, you have to define goals and meet them. It develops displayed goals, developing an ideal image in your mind of the best goals you might achieve. Writes your displayed goals, explaining why you want to achieve the results that you’re seeing in your mind. Both kinds of goals are your goals present, and are the goals you can achieve with your plan of action. To set your mind to fulfill your mission, displays daily for a few minutes the result of having fulfilled your goals, as if you had already attained them.