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Cataracts are a disorder of the eye that affects often older pets including cats and dogs. When you have cataracts, the fibers in the eye lens behind the eye become cloudy. The lens is usually transparent to allow for clearly, see acute vision.Cataract blocking light through the eye and consequently loses the transparency of the […]

Ghost Stories

Next Saturday, the Stuttgart-based spirits offered a creepy night hike through the Stuttgart forest with ghost stories. On Saturday, Nov. 23 Stuttgart spirits the leadership of “Spirits of the forest” offer after a long break, a night walk through the Stuttgart forest with ghost stories. From the Geroksruhe it goes on a 4 km-long trail […]


And, from time to time coming artists in the broadest sense of the word to other people alive. Then again, everything is delayed, "the brown seaweed," to the new implementation, to the emergence of a new "Prometheus", implement the plan of God for us mortals. Therefore, the mission of these artists lofty and noble, as […]