And, from time to time coming artists in the broadest sense of the word to other people alive. Then again, everything is delayed, "the brown seaweed," to the new implementation, to the emergence of a new "Prometheus", implement the plan of God for us mortals. Therefore, the mission of these artists lofty and noble, as in life, as a rule, no benefits, except for abuse, misunderstanding and persecution. Masters at it a long time do not care! Now there a great many amateur painters, poets and writers. It speaks about the spiritual hunger of society, which can not handle nor the media nor the "professionals" of Soviet times, nor the image of the sixties, nor conceptualists, or show the different countries grafted onto our land. On the great patriotic classics and foreign language while there, she unclaimed, this is the future. All "new genius" warmed Internet who he is.

But the law is the same for everyone, whether real life or virtual, if you creatively and professionally weak, it's your "tobacco", audacity does not help here. These guys I will not undertake to evaluate, if not offended. Themselves, and only by the need to understand themselves and their work, learn to compare and understand. Time will put everything in its place, but it would be a pity if all those years spent "means nothing!" Trying to understand the greatness of another master, go to the students, then to overcome the bar set by creativity, that's what I understand, the case. The current trend of immature writers to follow, simply copy the CGI is sympathy and pity.

In my opinion, this newfangled disease born of technological "revolution" and only. But, I believe by taking this path dead, doer wants more, namely the life of living in all its manifestations, especially in the works. Look! The world, as if sprinkled dead water, the impression formed today.