Crystal Doors

Offering customers a glass door, we often hear failure. Motivate a variety of ways: children running around the apartment and play ball, can swipe at it and the ball will break the door Other large, active dogs There are ladies who love slam doors And kids always have enough hands to the door and they left footprints! Etc. etc. But we do know that this is not the problem! At least, if you and think this is a problem, we try to dispel this myth. Take, for example, door factory V-Cristal.

These are the doors of tempered glass. They are not afraid of strikes. The only thing to be feared because it is piercing damage. And we are sure that no one encroach on the integrity of the door with a drill in his hands. Well Why do you need a hole in the canvas But even if such an attack takes place, nobody will suffer from cuts and scratches. Tempered glass (like a car windshield) crumbles into pellets. And one more argument in favor of strength glass doors: thickness of sheet – 1 inch! If you look at the door with the butt, then most likely you will not come to mind such epithets as: fragile, delicate, elegant Rather, it will come to mind such adjectives: strong, thick, massive The beauty and fragility of glass can be assessed only by looking at him from the front side. And, in my opinion, the most fascinating paintings engraved! Beginning its work in the salon of elite Italian doors, I do not give they should I followed the popular mind: to quickly get dirty and most of all, I can beat them in a flash.