Monthly Archives: September 2014

Natural Cosmetics

With the passage of time the skin loses its bright appearance and firmness, is common start to notice the expression on the face marks, stains caused by exposure to the Sun, by hormonal changes and open pores. Cannot stop the passage of time, but if it is possible to make less noticeable effect on our […]

Facial Treatments

The face is one of the most important body parts, since it is the presentation that we have before other people. Being also the first area of the body where it shows the arrival of old age, it is why women seek all treatments that can keep them young and vital. There are numerous cosmetic […]

Correct Nutrition And Dieting

But the epidemiological evidence of the benefits of physical activity is remarkable and from moderate exercise. Exercise does not have cumulative properties so that its recommendation should be continuously. Diet should be varied to meet the recommended dietary requirements, incorporating all food groups and to promote adherence to the diets in fiber and low in […]

Primary Prevention Of Cardiovascular Disease C

key objective is to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and other major vascular events, reduce disability and mortality and prolong life. For the healthy population in low-risk situation would provide changes in your lifestyle to maintain its status as low risk (1), by eliminating in some cases and control in others, those factors […]

Sofia Hospital

This year is the centenary of the College of Nursing in the Region of Murcia, and for this reason have made an exhibition of costumes at the entrance to the Reina Sofia Hospital of Murcia city. It ranges from mid-eleventh century to the present day in the uniform of military corps of female health.

Erika Sensitive

Highly sensitive and normal sensitive, perceive the world with different sensations. At Hochsensiblen, they are downright overwhelming. Possible physical aspects of Hochsensible are people sensitive to smoke, dust, draught and chemicals. Her smell and taste is up to a thousand times finer. You react more on alcohol, drugs and stimulants such as coffee and prone […]