Erika Sensitive

Highly sensitive and normal sensitive, perceive the world with different sensations. At Hochsensiblen, they are downright overwhelming. Possible physical aspects of Hochsensible are people sensitive to smoke, dust, draught and chemicals. Her smell and taste is up to a thousand times finer. You react more on alcohol, drugs and stimulants such as coffee and prone to allergies. Overall, they are susceptible to stress, there is an increased risk of psychosomatic illnesses and burnout. You will need a longer recovery time. Psychological and spiritual impacts the well-being of highly sensitive people is strongly dependent on the ambient conditions.

They can be slightly negatively influenced by the moods of others and are easy to irritate. Emotional thin-skinned they take things easy personally. In their desire to be like others, they tend to overextend themselves. In case of overload, they tend to irritated and aggressive reactions. In dealing with people, they know their own Borders does not. You suffer along with others, are in need of harmony and let in foreign issues. Their demands on relationships are idealistic, conflicts they perceive as threatening, and take it personally.

Highly sensitive feel in groups often referred to as third-party, as not belonging to. Life with high sensitivity (HSP) if Erika M. wants to meet with a friend in a cafe, she takes care to date be less frequented the restaurant at a time. At a permanent noise through the voices of other people, she had problems with her girlfriend to follow the conversation. She avoids parties, because she badly can talk, if music is. Mrs. M. attaches importance to intensive discussions, Small Talk, she has no interest. Their sensitivity to noise has led to several moves, because she can’t stand the noise from the neighbouring flats hard. She reacted with anxiety and psychosomatic complaints. The relationship with a longtime partner is at your High sensitivity failed, without that she could classify it.