Monthly Archives: January 2014

Lose Weight Fast

Many people are really worried and confused in relation to certain tricks to lose weight in a miraculous way. They are mistaken with regard to the way of getting the body you have always wanted to have. Many people live enslaved by gyms or other centers of physical conditioning in addition to other accessories and […]

The Teacher

The central element in the formation of a holistic educator is to cultivate creative qualities, strategic, scientific, emotional and aesthetic and other values such as responsibility, compassion, respect, gratitude, justice, honesty and humility, which is not cultivated in our educational system that strives to cultivate self-centered students and vain, which tend to grow with a […]

Reviewed Child

In this period of training the depression already will not have significant paper, therefore already it does not have more nothing to make, and the death scythe as rest after as much fight for the survival (Kbler-Ross, 1998) Will deal with losses and death is catastrophic and sofredor, and in determined contexts something becomes so […]

Magnum Detective

They do not work as Magnum and Josef Matula, they identify less in murder cases than in cases of adultery and expenses scandal, and usually it comes in a detective so much less exciting than in the TV investigators from Hawaii and Frankfurt. Nevertheless, private investigators are asked – for the clients of the detectives […]