Magnum Detective

They do not work as Magnum and Josef Matula, they identify less in murder cases than in cases of adultery and expenses scandal, and usually it comes in a detective so much less exciting than in the TV investigators from Hawaii and Frankfurt. Nevertheless, private investigators are asked – for the clients of the detectives is that is it mostly a lot. For help, the betrayed husband turns to the detective agency of his confidence, told how his wife once a week to go play tennis, but actually Danuta her lover to visit. That it must be proved to be enforced in court and a divorce the husband is not even obliged to make payments to his wife. But while it is often for large amounts, but threaten many years of alimony payments. In other cases, contact the heads of many small, medium and large enterprises on a detective agency are: Time and again there are cases in which stolen in businesses in which spying trade secrets and disclosed to competitors, in which Employees submitting inflated expense reports or in small groups joining together to own, with their knowledge in the field of their profession to act.

All this calls the detective on the scene. You succeed by technical equipment, personnel monitoring, surveillance and infiltration in the management, detect irregularities and to secure evidence in court against the person or the offender. Did the detective gathered everything, it is ultimately in the hands of the client to report the offense or to some other means with the offender. Often, by mutual consent and mutual interest for far-reaching professional measures are not imposed: in the presence of the detective agency and a notary, the perpetrators often obliged to accept a termination without notice, to make good the damage and to pay the costs for the use of the detectives . This requirement could have been made to him in civil proceedings in any case. A professional trial – such as for industrial espionage or theft of remains – but it spared, as the company without a public hearing, the negative attention of the staff, perhaps even the public is spared. The use of a private detective agency is worthwhile in many cases, therefore, for both sides.