Holistic Integration

Holistic education is a construction of second grade, promoter of holistic learning and learning, which considers the student as a whole, as being emotional, cognitive, aesthetic, social, physical and spiritual. In holistic education, epistemological pluralism allows us to recognize the fundamental relationship between being and knowing, believes that reality has many levels of depth and that each of these levels must be studied with different epistemological bases, complementary, consistent, articulated a comprehensive model of knowledge. In holistic education recognizes that human beings have three devices and eyes to know the reality: the eye of the flesh, or empirical, the eye of the mind or the eye symbolic of the spirit or contemplative. Holistic education is a holistic view of educational processes at large. Notes wholes as different levels of being human, community, society, planet and the kosmos Applying the above principles then we have at our disposal a new education that will surely lead us to confront the great dilemmas of today and to aspire to a sustainable society that guarantees our long-term survival and of course with quality of life we are today experiencing the transition of humanity over nature to mankind through nature, industrial society to sustainable society. In this transition, education must play a key role will have to walk mechanistic education holistic education, education predator to eco-education, from thinking to intelligence, the fragmentation of knowledge to the integration of knowledge, multidiciplinariedad of the transdisciplinarity. The mission of education in this new era should be to help the student learn how to learn, to love learning and seeing himself as a student long term. .