Primary Prevention Of Cardiovascular Disease C

key objective is to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and other major vascular events, reduce disability and mortality and prolong life. For the healthy population in low-risk situation would provide changes in your lifestyle to maintain its status as low risk (1), by eliminating in some cases and control in others, those factors have been associated with the development of cardiovascular disease (2) 2 .- CARDIOVASCULAR RISK CALCULATION The calculation of the probability that a particular patient developing a cardiovascular problem in the coming years may be in various methods. The Framingham Study equation is universally accepted.

Their tables are the most widespread, which more accurately quantify the risk and have been recommended by the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine. It provides the basis for most of the other methods (European, WHO-ISH …) for the calculation of RCV The guidelines have been developed over the years to calculate the risk and treatment factors risk (hypertension, dyslipidemia) are not uniform and may have marked variation ranges to raise questions when deciding to launch a drug treatment and even the therapeutic goal pursued. On the other side to be based on the risk of a U.S.