Natural Cosmetics

With the passage of time the skin loses its bright appearance and firmness, is common start to notice the expression on the face marks, stains caused by exposure to the Sun, by hormonal changes and open pores. Cannot stop the passage of time, but if it is possible to make less noticeable effect on our skin and in our body in general. These are some of the main natural cosmetics that help us to rejuvenate the skin. The almond-almonds are seeds that possess large amounts of oleic acites by what are considered excellent natural cosmetics since they help to soften, nourish, moisturize and lubricate the skin, also used as a treatment for hair brittle and opaque, it regenerates cellular tissue wall. Avocado-this tropical fruit is abundant in unsaturated so oils similar to almonds helps regenerate the skin, prevents its dryness and roughness. In addition to their unsaturated oils is also rich in minerals and vitamins essential to maintain an optimal state of health. The tomato-this vegetable for its high content of beta-carotene is considered the most powerful aanticancerigeno, helps to regenerate cell membranes, prevents almost all degenerative diseases and cancer. The lemon-this fruit is abundant in vitamin C, helps to nourish the skin, also serves to remove the stain on the skin, clean and whiten the teeth, to help to prevent all kinds of infections by what is considered as a natural antiseptic..