Ghost Stories

Next Saturday, the Stuttgart-based spirits offered a creepy night hike through the Stuttgart forest with ghost stories. On Saturday, Nov. 23 Stuttgart spirits the leadership of “Spirits of the forest” offer after a long break, a night walk through the Stuttgart forest with ghost stories. From the Geroksruhe it goes on a 4 km-long trail in the Durr Bach blade in the Buchwald. The spirit guide tells tales from the forest of Stuttgart, on the road from the wrong blade in cane field, in a storm in the year 953 many men and horses should be lost, as they wanted the valuable horses from the mares garden in front of the army of King Otto I in security. Or by a bleeding dog in the Feuerbach Valley in vain trying to lug a bag out of the underbrush.

Also one of the many legends surrounding the Silberglockle of the collegiate church, is told. It is about the Princess Sibylle Elisabeth, who get lost while hunting and get lost in the dark forest. Only the prominent people of the Silberglockle leads them back home. The Legends alive told in the true historical context, so that the participants can move not only in what is happening in, but also about Stuttgart about, for example, the Silberglockle of the collegiate church, which blades are or have used the forest as our ancestors. Meeting place for the night hike is at 19:30 at the bus stop Geroksruhe (U15 downtown direction Ruhbank/TV Tower), free parking is available. The hike takes about 2 hours. It runs through wide, passable trails through the nightly Buchwald, arriving at the Geroksruhe is around 21:30. The night journey costs 10 EUR for EUR 15 adults and children (6-16 years).

Please correct clothes on (good Footwear and warm clothes). Next date is then, Monday, December 30, 2013, also at 19:30 nachtwanderung.html as Stuttgart spirits offer two Stuttgart Anette Ladovic and Steffen Hammer since March 2012 regularly “Ghost tours” in the Stuttgart Downtown map. Special of the guides is that the statements in a true historical context known to the part used. How it lived, how it looked early in Stuttgart and how life was playing is less to the Kings, but above all to the common people. “Spirits of the forest” is the only nocturnal forest walks with ghosts statements in Germany after its research. Press images (higher resolution on request): fotos.html contact: Stuttgart spirits Steffen Hammer phone: 0711/57 64 42 06 E-Mail: