Serpentine Treatment

– The past, future What are your thoughts? – I compare the past with the butterflies to maneuver among the cars on the Serpentine. If you do not abandon the past, you can be shot down "Diesel Addiction." I do not want to be in his past. It must have already left. And the future A girl phoned me my. Said that the waiting and bored. Do not want more parents are upset.

Time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones. – Do you regret that decided on a pilgrimage? – No, of course. I oppose the introduction of my body the chemical elements. I want to be myself, that all depended on me. Energy mountains is much stronger than morpholine.

I think that if you feel the strength to be necessarily take the pilgrimage. – Are you always your stone. What are you talking to him on the road? – My stone is like a flash – card. He is already loaded on 95 percent. Yesterday I noticed a change in him. When I took it, there were no cracks. I I think that is a definite split of consciousness that is really going on in my mind. – What can you say about the method of treatment of Dr. Nazaraliev? – I think it is a step method is very effective. I know that in Some other clinics the patient the entire course of treatment is in a medical facility. There he was treated with medication.