The Emotional

About the curriculum holistic which is based on new principles on reality and knowledge, is a process of discernment of the interdependence of the kosmos, where diverse world generates students learn in different ways, different contents for different purposes. In the social dimension, the emotional dimension, the physical or bodily dimension and the spiritual which is the last dimension of the human being. By means of education holistic that considering the six dimensions includes not only training but also integral human formation, asks that education is reduced only to aspects academic, and questioned why educate only for a profession or employment, is insufficient to live with dignity and well-being in the new era. Education holistic, integrated society and the evolution of consciousness are interconnected, interdependen each other, the Mission of the educator holistic refers to serving the development of these three areas, the educator holistic should promote holistic education so that there is a significant learning, this leads to the educator holistic to clearly favor the evolution of consciousness, this spiritual educational process should lead to the emergence of an integrated society, to the development of a better culture that nurtures the best in human beings. Holistic having dialogue aimed at relaxing the mind, making it more open, more attentive, more profound. In dialogue groups, there is a default goal nor a leader who orient the communication, the purpose is to communicate in a meaningful way, listen to each other, is a process that exceeds the activity egocentric, where nobody tries to impress no one where there is no competition by imposing own ideas. The practical integral, since the perception that there is diversity of human temperaments, the development of a comprehensive theory in education is something essential and urgent to boost its real improvement, however having an integral theory isn’t enough to make holistic education, we need comprehensive practice, develop a comprehensive theory is only fifty percent of the workingAnother fifty is the integral practice.