Ricardo Cerron Villanueva Villanueva

After five years long, and after being subjected to numerous surgeries in the city of Lima, Milagros Cerron Arauco, the girl known as “mermaid”, arrived yesterday at Huancayo, to know their cousins, grandparents and other relatives. ALEGRE.Accompanied by her younger sister, Maricielo (1), and his parents, Ricardo Cerron Villanueva Villanueva and Sara Arauco, small Milagros Andamarca visited the annex in Ahuac, where he shared fun moments with family and playmates for the first time. In this regard, Ricardo Cerron, said the girl’s health is stable, then after undergoing four operations, now attends the nest, takes ballet and computer classes. “My daughter, now leads a normal and peaceful life, she is a blessing to us.According to reports from doctors and caregivers, has Milagritos IQ than children of his age, “says the proud father, while asserting that the future operations that are made, renal transplantation and reconstruction of the genitalia, which be practiced when he turns a few years. SUPPORT THEY RECEIVE.5 years ago, E was the first medium that reported on the birth of Milagros, who had joined legs and suffered from the heel of sirenomelia. Fonte: Peru Email