The Baby

The infection of the breast can most of the time be prevented, the nursing team will be able to guide purperas during the puerprio in what it says respect to the mastite working in the prevention of these complications through cares how much to the rigorous hygiene of the hands before the loved ones and in the delicate manuscript of breast (ZIEGEL; CRANLEY, 1985). ADVANTAGES OF the MATERNAL ALEITAMENTO Dutra (2008) display that colostro is the chest milk that the woman after produces in the first days the childbirth. He is thick and of yellowish or transparent color, in its properties he is rich in diverse anti-infectious factors, in Imunoglobulina antibodies (IgA) the secretria one? main factor of immunity in maternal milk and vitamin. Protects the baby against the infections and allergies, since this does not obtain to produce its proper antibodies (proteins in the blood and maternal milk that fight the infection). The benefits for the woman are innumerable: it facilitates to the establishment of the affective bond mother and son; it prevents the hemorrhagic complications in the after-childbirth; it favors the uterine regression to its normal size; it contributes for the return fastest to the weight daily pay-gestacional; It can be natural method of familiar planning, when the child is in exclusive maternal aleitamento, however only before the six months, in free demand, also during the night, and that the mother has not still menstruado; it can reduce the risk of cancer of ovrios and suck and to prevent osteoporose (BRAZIL, 2001b).