Diet Angle

Diet angle is special an alimentary plan of 16000KCAL, for people whom difficulty has to gain weight. With diet angle you who have difficulty to gain weight, will be able to get resulted fantastic and healthful. In one month of diet angle you can earn up to 5 kilos of form healthful. Diet angle must daily be carried through and you do not have you are more than 3hs without if feeding. To always add 1 oil spoon of oliva in the meals (lunch and supper); honey, fruits, skimmed milk of cow and milk of soy, mucilon of maize/rice, lctea flour (coffee of the morning, light meal, snack of the afternoon and supper). Light meal will be the snack of 09hs, a period enters the coffee of the morning and the lunch, where you must eat a fruit of its preference or a bar of cereal light (rich marks in staple fibres: Neston and Supino). In the lunch to eat vegetables, vegetables, mass (cassava, inhame, face, potato, rice), beans or pea/lentinha, 1 file of meat without fat of its preference, natural juice without sugar; not forgetting to add 2 spoons of linhaa and 2 oliva oil spoons. In the snack you to eat salada of fruits without sugar or slices of integral bread that can be substituted (options in the coffee of the morning).

In the supper to eat something lighter as a soup of its preference or a hamburger baked with fine slices of colds (ham of Peru, white cheese light), folloied for 1 natural juice cup without sugar (it can more be of the type light). Also if it can repeat the option of the lunch without oil/substituting (with goal of the portions of rice, beans and meat). In the supper that must occur after the supper, that is, before sleeping you must take a yoghurt light or skimmed, folloied with 1 chestnut of Par/hazelnut/nut, adding 1 dessert spoon of linhaa/oats bran/granola. Carrying through diet angle you whom much difficulty has to gain weight will have resulted satisfactory, therefore I obtained to gain 17 kilos of healthful form in only 3 months.