Cultural Revival Of Russia

Philosophical culture – is not only external, but internal beauty of the world of philosophical creativity. In Russia, the level of philosophical culture is low. The Russian people stopped to think for themselves. We therefore have no original evolution of thought. Philosophical culture requires serious intellectual work. In our country, a little philosophy and religion who are interested in this.

This implies a spiritual crisis that has engulfed the whole of Russia. Fading faith and love of the truth (God), there is no independent boldness of thought, develops moral cowardice, which creates a tense atmosphere. In modern Russia, some philosophers have, in most cases too abstract and divorced from living. They do not realize what a negative role in their debates on television. Uncultured nation with respect to philosophy and the truth – it is a weak consciousness of unconditional value of truth and moral error judgments. Since it is impossible to live on.

Our cultural level it is necessary to develop in Russia, which will guide to higher forms of philosophical consciousness of our people. Russia needs a serious philosophical culture – universal, yet national. Do not create beauty and richness of knowledge, and create their "human spirit". Man's desire to penetrate the mysteries of the art of living makes it possible to develop creative, clean and strong thought. Actions express a thought, because we are responsible not only for our actions, but even more for thought. Strengthening that tradition contributes to the cultural revival of Russia. Russia will certainly be the bearer of philosophical world of the spirit and driving force of humanity.