Ramon Gallegos And Pedagogy

International Foundation for Holistic Education Holistic Education Master RAMON GALLEGOSY For Holistic Pedagogy, Fernando Alfonso Gamez Roman. 2009 Culiacan Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava is a pioneer in holistic education, his work is the approach of a whole new vision of reality and is aimed specifically to a new education proposal, which constitutes the spiritual heart. This new vision of reality, and his education reform proposal is the fruit of the flowering of your inner being, which is to process all your existing lake, from early childhood, to date, and further, since according to recounts in his autobiography, his yearning for the ineffable born with it. His childhood spent at the border, once the Mexican side and one in the United States, an important fact in his early desire to be the border with a more advanced country, but especially for the cultural movement that took place at that time: the call counterculture expressed extensively by various groups different philosophies, and artistic expression of those thoughts in this free environment, with the rich diversity of thoughts, takes place closer to the Eastern philosophy that is so inclined, all taught to be open, there are different races and creeds, different forms of seeing the world and it is possible to live together. Living the war very closely, was also a determining factor in the subsequent construction of a holistic vision of reality. The fighters of the war in Vietnam were mostly Chicano, part of the community, the neighborhood where he lived, the continued loss of life that did not escape reinforced their existential questions and his spiritual quest for peace movement and the strengthening of the movement counter that unleashed this conflict, fueled his curiosity and wonder.