The Kosmos

The Teosfera (Spirit) spirit is developed in humans. The Kosmos is thus a series of layers within layers and within other layers where they all are intertwined in a holistic way. By integrating fisiosfera, biosphere, noosphere and teosfera and keep in tune we are working on building the base of a culture of peace and sustainability. Holistic education is the way forward of instrumental rationality to the evolution of consciousness. To learn the process of evolution of consciousness, Dr. Gallegos explains the structure of Ken Wilber Spiral Dynamics, which we know as human consciousness develops from birth to death according to their behavior, ranging from rudimentary to conduct superordinate behaviors he puts it in 8 levels in human existence that are based on research thoroughly verified.

Levels or memes (basic stage of development that can be expressed in any activity), are not rigid levels but flowing waves interrelated leading to the complex dynamics of spiral development of consciousness. It is a comprehensive model to focus on the awakening of consciousness, from its earliest stages up to the awareness and through this model lead to our self-reflection. The holistic curriculum. The holistic paradigm, integrating the knowledge of science, art, spirituality and traditions to create a culture of wisdom achieving this, overcome the fragmentation of knowledge which is divided into academic disciplines. Intelligences many are considered in the new paradigm, but which is above the others is intelligence that transcends spiritual and the other because it is the most comprehensive of all.