Prevent Muscular Injuries

Who practises physical activity of high impact can suffer to the times with muscular injuries. Research already shows that the Alimentary Supplements as the Protein helps preventing these muscular injuries. Beyond a balanced feeding it is basic that you make a suplementao in its feeding with the protein use of milk as the Whey Protein. These injuries can be prevented or brightened up, for this it is recommended that beyond the feeding and supplements if it makes an allonge before and after the treinos. Types of more common injuries: – Bruise: It is an injury caused for impact – Tendinite: Inflammation in the tendes – Distenso: Excess of allonge of the muscle – Accession: Disruption of the muscle As to prevent muscular injuries: Allonge: The allonge must be the part most important of its trainings, makes the allonge of the muscles that will be to work. The first allonge is most important to prevent the injuries, therefore its body this cold and the muscles also, then capriche.

Heating: After the allonge is hour to make a small heating of its muscles. It starts with 2 series of 15 repetitions of the exercises that you will make in the day, or you she can change the series per one 20 minutes of race in the mat. Focus in the exercises: It gives attention in the movements that you are making in each exercise, the majority of the injuries happen due to focus of the athletes. In case that you already are lesionado you are necessary to have patience, the necessary muscle of a time to recover and in this half time is not recommended that if it makes exercises that stimulate the lesionado muscle. It has sufficiently patience therefore the injuries outside keep can you of the academies for a indeterminate time, then it is prolongated, it made use of supplements as the protein and gives attention in the movements of the exercises.