The Dialogue

Sight thus, seems difficult to think that in our Life there will only be a unique person with whom we will feel a special and deep connection. As we extended our vital experiences and whatever more people we ventured ourselves to be knowing in our life, more probabilities we must to find other people with whom we feel has a good connection or feeling then and with whose interaction we become rich. And since we are continuously changing (no matter how little it changes a person, its form to think and to reason and its attitude before the life is not the same that when it had 14, 15 or 16 years), one does not connect now with the same people who when he was adolescent. The concept twin soul can take implicit the affective dependency; supposition that is another person whom it complements to us and without which our life does not have a complete sense takes to us to have to need that relation. Then, that relation no longer is a healthy relation based on the decision to choose to share part of our life with another person and from generous desire to give and to receive, to enrich to us and to add to which already we are like individuals. A pair relation is not born right away by very compatible that we are with the other person and by very near and comfortable that we feel with her until the point to feel that it must be our twin soul, we are but constructing it day to day, maintaining the dialogue abierto, being open to negotiate the differences that will be arising, learning to be decisive, cultivating our clearly patience and knowing that we are two individual beings, each with its vital space, its friendships, their family and her own objectives and goals who have decided to approach to add to which each already it is by individual.