Health Organization

When I decided to publish this article, it had in mind convey part of lessons observed and experienced as Executive and consultant, wanted to put at the disposal of all those entrepreneurs, some advice from guidance on phenomena that occur during the course of creation of the company, the normal operation of that and when the Organization must cope with crisis. Thus, to address the issue I was becoming aware of a phenomenon that goes unnoticed in the Vortex itself be effective, efficient, successful and generate profit for the Organization and this phenomenon have called it the emotional health of people in the company, whether they are owners, executives and workers. And the obvious question, which has to do with the title of the article, as well, much since the transit of the company among the decisions and the crises will be defined by the emotional health of all who comprise it, (stress everyone). We must agree that the next minute of created and legally constituted company, this body has dimensions that go beyond the property of those who founded it and integrate, becoming for some object of veneration, I hate tool, medium and objective. With this perspective, we should also agree that all these emotional vectors affect or will eventually affect the quality, quantity and form of the growth of the company, its planning, projects and projection. With this in mind, I returned to look at my notes trying to sort ideas to deliver a letter from navigation to recognize how it affects the quality of the divine spark with which its founders endowed it, to the history of the company and how to appreciate it those who comprise it. Well, how it is of managing the transit of the company between decisions and crises, is attributable to as face every day the work of the company having acutely aware that despite being assessed and reassessed our project company, plan business, financial plan, successful business and achieved agreement, the vector that can vary such results in 360 is the human dimension of the company, if we therefore speak of emotional health.