Women and Hormones

Female and male reproductive systems are quite different and do not resemble each other: If a man abusing strong drinks, smokes, does not keep track of their health, indiscriminately taking drugs (such as antibiotics), eats hot dogs and Coca-Cola, working without sleep or rest, it is unlikely that he can count on healthy children and 20 and 40 years. However, the strong half of humanity is enough for 2.5 months to eliminate all these harmful factors from his life – and the male will form high-grade germ cells. In female body is much more complicated as you think. Still in utero at the girl lays all the eggs that she will mature to puberty to menopause. With age, the egg will inevitably reduce their qualitative characteristics.

Become a healthy mother is never too late! If you think about your health in 20 years, the problems can be avoided. In the 40 – now only remains to fix the consequences. Infectious diseases transmitted infections, abortion, hormonal disorders, chronic and hereditary diseases, bad habits, excessive physical and nervous tension can lead to difficulties with conception or birth of a baby congenital disorders. These problems are acquired in the course of your life, cope very difficult, but possible. 'Element 1.

Balance Formula for Women 'is designed to help women regain lost health and overcome the harmful effects of careless attitude. 'Element 1. Balance Formula for Women 'Restores hormonal balance and thus improves the whole body. After suffering a broken abortion natural protection of the uterus, opens the way for infection.