If 3 times a day for 10 minutes to work on this problematic area, the direct and oblique abdominal muscles are strengthened significantly, and the layer of fat over them, most likely will not go anywhere. And if 40 minutes use of the aerobic training (compiled by a professional) can be achieve great results in reducing the lifeline at the waist. Organism, in principle, anyway, what kind of aerobic cyclic (continuous long-term) you're using. The main thing – to move in the space of his body vigorous pace (a certain target heart rate zone). It is important to be involved at least 23 lean body mass. Need a load for the entire body, work, increasing spare capacity of the heart and lungs, require large amounts of energy derived from known sources (carbohydrates and fats). Another fundamental aspect of the problem fat loss – direct, the most direct link with the diet, rather, with the use of a large number of simple (easily digestible) carbohydrate. You can train hard for the 1.5 hours 3 times a week, or per gram or cm, not approaching the goal.

"The mission will not be doable, if you're wrong eat. It should be noted that most of the fat, from which we so want to get rid of – it is most often eaten and unspent in carbohydrates during the day – there is such a metabolic pathway for energy storage in case excess energotsennost diet. Therefore, to enhance the fat burning effect is very important to limit themselves in these high-calorie foods immediately before and after training.