Professional Tooth Cleaning

The dental practice of Brigitte Huebert informed so that the teeth remain healthy in old age, is a thorough home dental care of the utmost importance. Lack of effective dental instruments it is hitting however limits, when it comes to clean between teeth and gum pockets. The professional teeth cleaning remedy here. As it runs, portrays the Minden dentist Brigitte Huebert. Professional tooth cleaning is a form of treatment in dental practices, which will be carried out by qualified personnel. Due to their prophylactic efficacy it enjoys in the United States for decades great popularity. In Germany, it belongs to the typical standard offers outside of the performance catalog of statutory health insurance funds also for a long time. A professional tooth cleaning is not exhausted in the removal of tartar.

You include extensive advisory services, which enable the patient to improve his private tooth care and so the foundation stone one long continuing dental health to lay. The treatment begins with a careful examination of mouth, teeth and gums. The attending experts notes in their history which make stubborn deposits must be removed and whether the patient needs special treatment provisions. After completion of the investigation, between teeth and gum pockets of noxious and hardened surfaces be freed using dental instruments. This prevents the emergence of a serious periodontal disease, which can lead to tooth loss. In addition, adapted protruding edges of fillings and crowns to the teeth and removes stubborn stains by coffee, tea or tobacco.

The surface cleaning of teeth is done usually by a powder water jet. The unpleasant roughened surface is then smoothly polished and treated with a fluoride gel. This reduces the susceptibility for new coverings, ensures a radiant smile and a pleasant smooth Tooth surface. The professional tooth cleaning takes about an hour and should be done about every six months on average. The exact time period between the individual treatments depends on the circumstances of the individual case. The Minden dentist Brigitte Huebert is to get information about the commitment of their practice in professional tooth cleaning.