Sharp Health Tip

Various research has shown the antioxidant, hypotensive and blood sugar-regulating effects of ‘capsaicin’. Chili & co. have already gained a King’s role in the European cuisine. Who loves the taste, can count on additional health benefits. The sharp spices act not only antibacterial; They also stimulate digestion and metabolism and have a regulating effect on body weight. An Australian study shows that flavored meals insulin levels to rise more slowly with Chili as dishes that were not seasoned with chilli.

So less sugar – and starch calories in fat cells appear and there is less food cravings. In addition, chili & co. is neat and stimulates the energy consumption. Chili flavored food increases your calorie consumption to some court in India or Thailand is so sharp that it drives the tears in the eyes. Shortly afterwards puts the body free energy in the form of heat, what man on hot flashes and Felt sweats. This effect in science as Thermogenesis is actually”known. After each meal, a part of the calories will be converted into heat.

Sharp spices such as chili may increase this effect and also increase the calorie consumption. Already in numerous scientific papers nutritionists and physicians have dealt the chili with this effect, they could establish the population in Thailand and India. In these countries, you will many different kind of chili pepper in so-called curries”processes and these are an integral part of almost every meal. Despite the otherwise sugary and high fat foods and a daily diet of white rice scientists led the very small part of the obese population in Thailand and parts of India on the permanent administration of capsaicin”, the active ingredient, which is responsible for the enormous sharpness of chili back. Less than 2% of the population in industrialized parts of Thailand suffers from despite high calorie intake among the symptoms of obesity”, so obesity.