The Childbirth

The baby is born under the searchlights and in a room all cold especial.pormmuito. But, independent of the time to be born he is to suffer, therefore ' ' when umacriana comes to the world, to the first thing that makes is to cry out. the shout cheers aassistncia. ' ' They hear, hear as it cries out! ' ' , all says the mother contents, encantadade that one coisinha so small makes as much racket. What they mean the gritosdos just-been born? That they have normal consequences. That the machine is in functioning. shouts do not speak of suffering? To cry out as it cries out, will be that the bebno feels immense pain? To be born would be painful for the child, as well as partoera, old, for the mother? 1 ' '. With certainty this pain has some factors.

Also it is I cry for it that it goes starts communication of the baby with the mother and the world. Hojedificilmente children have themselves being born in house, and mainly for partonormal, and also she has a great concern how much the decesariana procedure that is carried through in Brazil. The magazine Parents and Children, month of April, brings a news article regarding the procedure and discloses that the index is muitoalto arriving 98% in certain 2 maternities. Masindependentemente of the financial condition of certain form became to chiqueprogramar the childbirth, Differently of Holland where 85% of the pregnant soacompanhadas for obstetricians and have its children in 3 house. In this time it becomes childish, being boy or girl if another one developed constituting its personality eseu character as any, been born in the present time, was a person of the house the father, the mother, sister ouirmo, so that the boyfriend did not make none ‘ ‘ bobagem’ ‘ It was difficult to catch namo. The kiss I always hug and it happened secretely.