The Beauty

The values of the Christian woman must be established in incorruptible treasures as love, benignancy, proper domain, sanctity, straightness. When we have dom of the love acting in us, emanate the type of beauty that cannot be bought or be vendido. The beauty that only God can giving in them. However, on the contrary of this, we see many young Christians that they would have to keep its standards in Christ more worried about its weight, its hair, its body, of what with its spirit. arrives at the extremity to leave to go to the cult because they do not have new clothes or to feel itself inferior in the house of God for not possessing a esguio body and a smooth hair (this is the hair standard), because it does not possess the white skin. Cretinice of the world! The appearance of the Christian must reveal glory of God and not its proper glory, thus the secret is to place God the front of our decisions, also on what to dress, our appearance and ways. With these words, it does not have intention to judge those sisters or brothers who if worry about what dressing, that they desire to make a surgery repairman, however detach the fact of that these things do not have to come in the heart before the desire being in the will of God.

that Mr. provides chances to it to all live the beauty of Christ in its esplendor. Its potentiality of CHRISTIAN WOMAN develops all acting in its Church in one of the existing ministries, in its home, at last in all time that the Light of Jesus shines through you. Perhaps you, Christian sister who reads this concordant article with the affirmations that I make, but knows that the practical one is not so simple thus. It knows that you are not only.