For Berger the Biossocial development all includes the growth and the changes that occur in the body of the person, beyond the factors genetic, nutricionais and of health that it the growth and changes afectam in. Being also constituent of this domain the motor abilities that say respect to a phase of it drink tie the phase to lead an car, this domain also includes the factor culture and society. for the cognitivo domain Berger presents that this includes all the mental processes used to get learning or to become conscientious of the environment. Being constituent aspects of this cognitivo domain the perception, the imagination Judgment, memory and language. the emotions, the temperament, abilities of practises social would be constituent of the psicossocial domain.

Pretty it is this perspective of BERGER of being able to present domnios that facilitate in to look them the aspects more excellent than they influence the human development. Thus you present the interaces of the individual with the others, the time throughout which this goes to be inserted in contexts partners, and the econmicas conditions, as being influential factors. For Dos Santos (2009: 4) the development human being understands the interaco of the individual and the environment, this development can be characterized in the mental scope as organic. Other factors mentioned for the psychologists amongst the fectores exist several are the hereditary succession, organic growth, neurofisiolgica maturation and environment in elapsing of the research I came across myself with some factors that if seem divergent but in my opinion we would not say that they are contradictory theories but yes conciliadoras theories therefore that time in time appeared you vary opinions that completed the passed theories, being thus the researcher agrees to all theories but of one forms conciliadora exists several other factors of what what we imagined, perhaps saying that the factors are the 2 extrinsic and intrinsic ones where the extrinsic ones depend very on the external way while the intrinsic ones understand the cognitivos processes or the internal processes that biological sciences try to understand.