Fitness training and its importance in health sports implementation and Forms of organisation of health sports health sport in the gym goals of health sports offered procedure five levels model diagnosis objective of training planning implementation analysis/evaluation build of a workout warm up body cool special education didactics and methodology error correction of a customer special training courses training control planning and organization of the training process of temporal classification of the strength training workout plan recognized strength training methods / determination of weight training methods to improve the maximum force strength endurance of mixing methods of strength training pyramid training quick power reactive power implementation and organizational forms of strength training agility training Trainingswissenschaftliche and fitness-specific basics of Agility training the importance of endurance ability mobility implementation and organizational forms of stretching methods coordination training agility training Trainingswissenschaftliche and fitness-specific fundamentals of coordination training implementation and Forms of organisation of the coordination training coordination and technique training sporting movement / motion analysis motion control bio-mechanics in the kinetics laws differentiation of insulation and more joint exercises Eingelenkige exercises/isolation exercises Mehrgelenkige exercises/complex exercises applications differentiation strength training machines/equipment free weights/dumbbells movement analysis fundamentals functional strength training in detecting and eliminating muscular imbalances influences on influences on the muscular balance in the sport have the muscular balance in everyday life have distinguishing different posture of trainer communications and motivation motivation needs sales forms sales pitches the success factors of the personal sales call trust and relationship build needs discover and concrete statements of personal conversation benefit argumentation practical training exercises, case examples practice (presence stage) instruction in the safety regulations of the Device training performing and evaluating a history of creating a training plan based on specific requirements of instruction and correction of customer requirements: recommended participation based seminar / C-license or similar basic knowledge. Content must be controlled for the fitness and health coach B license presence phase. A regular visit to the gym should be held up to the presence stage. For a successful completion of the training benefit personal training experience is valid “first-aid bill” (at least. 8UE) – can be submitted.