Sports Unlimited – Sportics.NET Now Also In Poland

With apps and social challenges, now also in the neighbouring country represented Kassel, November 16, 2010. Sport combines both FIFA World Cups, as well as many other sports major events is cross-border with looking. Now the sports portal successfully launched in 2009 in Germany has dared the step across the border Sportics.NET. Now follows the first expansion: as of now, there is the portal at also in our neighbouring country Poland. want to make already the German counterpart results comparable and available at all times.

In addition, there will be competitions among members over so-called social challenges. The this meets the spirit of the time when the offline as online equally active athletes, shows the number of currently almost 18,000 members on the German portal. is not about us but to the pure number of members. Rather we want to focus on the fun of sport and competition of individual athletes and its development. In conjunction with the existing today technical “We give the German and Polish users about the platform opportunities many tools at hand”, Famula, project manager of sportics Poland, Zbigniew pleased. As at, also the user at are divided into various groups of athletes such as perennial athletes, fitness enthusiasts and especially the coaches. Active athletes can lead sports journals as well as gather their statistics on the exercise, trainers have all power and fitness data of your proteges in views.

This is possible, for example, with the help of sports computers, which use many athletes. The collected data will be via the sportics smart agent, which is installed on the computer, simply by the transfer of the pulse watch or the cycling computer on Sportics.NET. More and more OEMs including polar, Garmin, Nike +, Beurer, to name a few, are supported already but a few sportics. Of course there are also the possibility of iPhone, Windows, or soon also Android smartphones data using mobile app transfer and then evaluate. In the blink of an eye, it can be displayed such as heart rate curves, elevation, speed graphics or repetition. But even more opportunities to compete for social challenges, which will be soon also on the Polish side at the start on with others to be added. The appearance of, as well as the ease of use and possibilities of participation should make it the athletes easier to defeat not only the numerous collaborators, but also the off and on again-burgeoning training frustration”, Famula stimulates the Polish sportsmen. Sportics Sportics.NET was launched in May 2009 by Frank Knobloch in life and is headquartered in Kassel. The sports platform combines the possibilities of modern networks and technologies in a meaningful and simple manner with the real sports world. By tracking, watching, planning, evaluating, comparing, replacing, coaching and watching live sports to local competitions and training is on every need thought. Performance data of devices with unique real-time transmissions can be both after exercise, as well as during transfer. This track the users live via Web or mobile on your phone. The sporting performances are recorded in the net and available anytime and anywhere. If you have an iPhone, Windows Mobile or Android, which makes with the mobile from his phone a practical sport computer for traveling.