Eyelash Extensions

A few tips for those who do eyelash extensions and wants longer eyelashes clap: 1.Camoe main rule – less touch his eyes with his hands. So bad that the lashes fall off very quickly, so you'll still direct horror at the surrounding views of their horrible if they fall off and not all at once. 2. Wash, as usual, even go to the bath and no sign is not contraindicated. You can not just rub it in forever. It is best to carefully clean them low-fat cream or lotion. 3. Prolonged contact with fatty substances softens attachment.

So do not ever need to smear greasy night cream, and even more oil. 4. Sleeping with eyelash extensions also need to carefully – on the side or back. Stick his nose in the pillow I do not advise. Eyelashes of the insults do not stand up, and there is a chance to wake up one day without them.

5. Extended eyelashes curl is not necessary. Firstly, it is possible to break the attachment. And secondly, they are initially already podkrucheny slightly and fastened in such a way that the shape of the eye was the most harmonious for your type of person. Amateur home you just mess up the professional work of the wizard. 6. Staining ink, much shorten resnits.Ekonomite socks on mascara – save for the term of socks.