Prospective Planning

Various administrative and technological tools that facilitate such planning to be successful and impacte efficiently in the goals and objectives of the Organization as a whole are used within the planning of human resources of a company or organization. Within these tools that administrators use, are called the future studies, its purpose is to support decision-makers to choose properly according to their objectives and values among a series of options, considering possible alternatives and the probable consequences of a particular course of action. These studies are based on the assumption that the future is not discovered, but if it is challenged. Under this context, it should be noted that there are several studies of the future such as: futurology, forecast, projection, prediction, forecasting and utterance. Below explains briefly each of them. Foresight is to attract and focus on the future, imagining from this and not of the present it is important to note that all future studies, are based on the present, in order to explain the future, however prospective, it is the only that part of the future to build from this and not present prognosis: refers to the development of generally probable future events; represents judgments reasoned about some particular outcome which is believed best suited to serve as the basis for a programme of action utterance: series of techniques based on experience.

It is based on the past to build the future. Prediction based on deterministic theories and presents statements that attempt to be accurate with respect to what happens in the future. Forecast: Aims to give an idea of the likely events that will need to adapt, leading to immediately executable decisions. Projection: Provides information about the career of an event assuming the continuity of the historical pattern. It provides a number of alternatives to consider. Basic elements of foresight. Holistic view. Is required to look at systemically each element with its properties and the role they play within the framework of the whole creativity.